Terms & Conditions

These conditions are valid wherever Swedish or other applicable law do not provide conditions that are in conflict with them. For residential consumers, the Consumer Protection and Distance Contracts which also includes protection for the sales company. More information on these matters is on the Consumer Agency's website, www.kov.se.

Delivery of stock items occurs during normal relationship within 1-5 days.

All rates are in Swedish kronor including VAT. Post charges when ordering through our website prices on our website applies until further notice and we reserve the right to make changes.

Online Payment
Pay with Visa / MasterCard, Online FöreningsSparbanken / Swedbank, Handelsbanken online banking, online banking, SEB, Nordea online banking or Remaining funds. Your payment is handled by Svea www.sveawebpay.se safe and easy to pay because you do not have to disclose bank or credit card information and you have yourself the opportunity to choose the payment method.

When paying by invoice, we cooperate with Svea Ekonomi AB. To pay by invoice, you must enter your social security number or company. Condition to act against the bill include that you are registered in the population register in Sweden and is over 18 years. You may not have any credit history. All invoices are Elgruvan.se transferred to Svea Ekonomi AB. Invoice payment terms are 14 days. If payment is agreed and a reminder charge. Interest is paid at 2% per month. For non-payment invoice submitted to collection.


Through our collaboration with Svea Ekonomi AB, you can subscribe for an account credit agreement and thereby great gift ideas. The credit period select by ticking the campaign options that suit you best. The purchase can always be paid in full at any time before the maturity date.

Customary credit check is done by having the data submitted in the Treasury, in some cases, this means that a credit is taken. A copy of the credit report will then be sent to your home.

Do you have any questions you can call 08-51493113 for more information.

Examples of effective interest in the purchase of 10 000, maturity 12 months 0% interest, arrangement fee 195 SEK 29 SEK administration fee: 10.68%. Terms and conditions can be found here.

Standard European Consumer Credit can be found here.

In the event that the customer is under 18 years old must obtain parental permission before the purchase. Orders made in another person's name without his consent, or otherwise involving the Elgruvan suffer economic damage, police reported. Elgruvan disclaims for typographical errors, errors in information and errors in specifications on any of Elgruvans selection of products and services. All pictures should be seen as illustrations which do not guarantee correct appearance and characteristics.

All new products except those excluded below, covered by a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Warranty is valid only on presentation of the original sales receipt or invoice / delivery note. Warranty does not cover damage caused by external influences, faulty wiring or improper handling. Warranty does not cover damages caused by abnormal wear, overvoltage, wrong programming or intervention in a product. Goods excluded from guarantee are all consumables / consumables (such as batteries, bulbs, programmable modules, receivers, etc.).

In invoking the guarantee applies to the following
If the product is defective already upon delivery so it must be reported within 3 days. In such cases, we stand for all shipping costs associated with the exchange to be effective. If the item is defective within the warranty period, so is the buyer for the transport of goods to Elgruvan, all other shipping costs are Elgruvan for. If a product proves to be error-free, despite the buyer's request guarantee measure, so is the buyer for all costs Elgruvan incurred in connection with the case. If a product is not under warranty because of one or more factors that stand the buyer for all expenses charged Elgruvan in connection with the case.

open purchase
The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase within a period of 14 days. right of withdrawal applies only be in the original packaging as not operating! On goods used terms no right of withdrawal. When returning to be where withdrawal comes as the purchaser is responsible for transportation to Elgruvan. If the item is damaged during return shipping so ends the right of return. NOTE! Only your purchase price refunded. Postal charges are not refundable. Consumables type lamps, batteries, ICs, loose components and similar products are NOT covered by the guarantee.

Unclaimed parcels (freight, parcel post)
Does not download an order from Posten charged shipping cost return and an administrative fee of presently 150 SEK excl. VAT. Cancel an order is only possible if you call us, a product already sent off in the mail can not cancel.

Force majeure
Events such as war, natural disasters, strikes, government decisions, failed deliveries from subcontractors, costly event and similar events outside Elgruvans control, which is not reasonably have been foreseen, shall by force majeure, which means that Elgruvan released from its obligations to fulfill agreements.